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We know that the main concern for a professional introducer is that they need to have the confidence that any clients they ask us to take on will receive an excellent standard of service and advice. We know we can assist you in choosing the perfect fit for your needs, helping you build bigger and stronger relationships which will inevitably, help your business grow.

Our experience and our professional manner make Introco a company that you and your clients, will be pleased to work with. Our friendly, professional team will give you the comfort that any professionals we introduce, will receive top quality, only the best service and advice, through the lifetime of your relationship. By using Introco as the introducer of your choice, we can also offer both you and your customers exclusive benefits.

Why our work is our passion?

We conduct microscopic

We recognize the exact type of problems

We work very hard to find you the perfect match to beat any problem or wall you have in your way, to better and grow your business.


  • An excellent service. Introco was extremely helpful and very friendly. I highly recommend.

    Alice Glass
  • Introco was very professional to deal with and was very helpful. They took time to talk me through the options I had available to me and didn't pressure me into making a decision. They provided me the information I required to get my business back in to a regular income.

    Alex Whitworth
  • Introco put me in touch with mutliple professionals, that were both affordable and reliable. I can't thank you enough

    Micheal Firth